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Since our mines started producing gem quality diamonds in 1991, Canada has become a world leader in diamond production, with 6 operating mines in the North West Territories, Nunavut and Northern Ontario. The benefits of the Canadian diamond industry reach far beyond the sparkle on your finger or around your neck.

Canadian diamonds have gained a reputation for superior quality, sparking global demand. Our native diamonds are ethically mined and tracked from their source to our showcases. The Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct is a watchdog organization whose mandate is to monitor and uphold these strict standards so that Canadian diamonds can be certified conflict-free.

At Davidson’s all of our Canadian diamond suppliers are signatories of this important code of ethics, offering you peace of mind, knowing you are making an ethical choice.


Davidson’s Jewellers is proud to offer a beautiful selection of Maple Leaf Diamonds™ from the Ekati & Diavik diamond mines in Canada’s Northwest.

Maple Leaf™ Diamonds have three marks of authentication inscribed on the girdle: a diamond identification number which corresponds to its certificate of origin, the Maple Leaf™ insignia and the CanadaMark symbol, which is validation of the diamond’s Canadian origin. The CanadaMark symbol also guarantees that your Maple Leaf Diamond™ is a natural, untreated diamond. Learn more about Maple Leaf Diamonds here.

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Understanding Diamonds

The most important factor when choosing a diamond is having fun!  This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make.  We will give you honest and reliable information about how diamonds are graded and valued so you can make the right choice for your special occasion.

Davidson’s is committed to continuous education, of both our associates and our clients.  We are educated through industry-leading programs offered by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. Our AGS membership also requires annual recertification, keeping us at the forefront of diamond knowledge.

The beauty and value of any diamond is determined by four characteristics, often called the 4Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight. We help our clients understand how these characteristics  interact with each other, up close, so that they can make the best decision within their budget.

Your diamond doesn’t need to be the biggest or the most expensive you can afford – it should be the one that makes your heart jump, and we can help you find it.


The cut of a diamond brings out its brilliance and accentuates the fire within. This fire can only be brought out through the precision of a skilled diamond cutter.   Each facet of the stone must be cut perfectly and precisely aligned with every other facet.

The Ideal Cut is a technique for diamond cutting built on generations of experience, and it is designed to maximize every aspect of a stone’s brilliance.  Ideal cut diamonds should always be certified so you are assured of the accuracy of this special grade.


Diamonds range in colour from pure colourless “white” to slight hints of yellow or brown. Except in the case of fancy coloured diamonds, the rarest and most prized diamonds have no colour at all.  The closer to colourless a diamond, the more that light can pass through, thus increasing its brilliance and its value.


Diamond clarity refers to the number of tiny “inclusions,” or characteristics, found in a diamond. Diamonds which are free of such characteristics are extremely rare. Most diamonds have a small number of inclusions that are only visible when the stone is viewed under magnification.


Carat refers to the size of a diamond and is a gemmologist’s measure of weight.   Each carat is divided into 100 points or 1.00ct; so a .33ct diamond is approximately 1/3 of a carat. The larger the diamond, the more rare – resulting in a greater value.

790 Bank Street (Bank St @ Third Ave)
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