Our knowledgeable consultants will help you discover your own jewellery style, so you can begin building a unique jewellery collection. We’ll share current fashions, trends and designers with you and help you select pieces that will come together beautifully!

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What makes Simon G. special lies not only in its stunning designs, but also in the careful attention to the detail. With inspired individuality and a ceaseless passion for detail, Simon G. jewellery exceeds expectations and is built to last a lifetime and beyond.

A British jewellery designer renowned for creating beautiful sterling silver jewellery. Their philosophy is to create personal and enduring designs that nod to fashion yet smile at style.

A European sensibility, glamorous yet timeless, is instilled into every piece of Zeghani jewelry. Created with unmatched integrity & attention to detail, Zeghani jewelry is distinctive; it is cultured & sophisticated, yet fashion forward. This luxury jewelry brand that is devoted to producing affordable jewelry without sacrificing quality, craftsmanship, or design.


Belpearl is a producer of fine pearl jewellery and cultivates rare pearls in pearling ventures that span the Pacific.

Express your personal style and indulge your every mood with something uniquely handcrafted from our Mishky collection. Offering a wide choice of colors and materials, Mishky also supports women and children by accessing families in need thorugh numerous Foundations.

Handcrafted in Italy, SOHO's sterling silver, diamond, and enamel jewellery perfectly compliments any outfit, work, play or formal.

As the premiere coloured gem importer and dealer in Canada, Paragon offers unparalleled experience and expertise with coloured gems.

Committed to manufacturing excellence along with innovative styling and unsurpassed quality, have made Carla Cassandra one of the premier manufacturers of fine jewelry.

The world's oldest diamond company, Max Strauss boasts a rich legacy and tradition of exquisitely crafted, fine quality diamond jewellery. Masters of the 'Ideal Cut,' less then 3 percent of diamond cuts meet their superior standards, ensuring brilliant jewellery that stands the test of time.

Aided with his wife, Arlene’s insight, designer Masis Magopian, creates pieces that capture the unexpected beauty of everyday objects. His fascination with colour, shape and texture is evident in his unique collections. Makur is noted for its use of Morganite, a dazzling gemstone with a gorgeous rose hue.

Dabakarov is a family and a business, with two generations creating and producing beautifully designed and exquisitely made gold and precious stone jewellery. For over 30 years, Dabakarov has provided beautiful trendsetting designs with particular attention to detail and finish.

A fine line of jewelry for the woman who seeks to wear what few have, but many covet. Bcouture transforms a sweater and faded jeans just as easily as it compliments a stunning cocktail dress.

790 Bank Street (Bank St @ Third Ave)
Ottawa, ON K1S 3V6
(613) 234-4136 | 877-754-4136

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